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Tim Dobert

Clifton Park, NY

Tim Dobert

Why do I paint? I spent 25 years in Law Enforcement. I needed something to help me deal with the stress of work. So I started painting I found that I could escape into my paintings, to take a blank canvas and create a portal into another world It was a form of self therapy that brought me peace

I started painting in 1994 as a fun hobby, I studied artists like Martin Beaupre, Alan Kingwell, as well as the masters like Rembrandt. Durer, and other great classical artists Studying their works helped me to refine my own work and create a style I was comfortable with

When I retired I decided I wanted to devote my energies to my art. I wanted to create pieces that helped others escape the stress of daily life as well. Even it just for a short time

I enjoy reading and tea, jazz music, the far east and the outdoors. So this naturally reflects in my work. Each piece is a moment in my life, a time when I was thinking of something, someone, or someplace. A feeling I was having at that moment that inspired me to paint that painting at that moment I try to create with a meditative energy. I look to reach inside and share a small piece of myself while I create something to sooth and calm the mind, or maybe just take you to another time and place, even if its just for a short time

My goal is to become an artist who's work people look to for those momentary escapes to other places or times. Hopefully others will enjoy some of my work as much as I enjoy making them

I live in Clifton Park, NY with my very patient wife. 2 cals, and dozens of exotic fish

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