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Cynthia Romano

Rexford, NY

Cynthia Romano

Cynthia Romano grew up on Long Island, where she first discovered her passion for the arts. Trained at SUNY New Paltz, Southampton College, and Dowling College, Cynthia served as an art teacher for many years and taught students of all ages about art and art history. She did especially enjoy guiding her public high school students and helping them build their college portfolios. The artist, who loves sharing her own experience and knowledge with others to help them grow artistically, has also led workshops and courses for adults and those outside the school system– and continues to do so at her new gallery located in Clifton Park, New York. Upon relocating to upstate New York, Cynthia continued to teach public high school students before focusing more on her own artwork. In October of 2021, inspired to bring some goodness to the community after the dismal year we all experienced prior, the now-gallerist opened The Blooming Artist Gallery & Instruction. The space–featuring a fine arts gallery and two working studios in the back– represents many local and regional artists with regularly-changing exhibits, hosts community events, workshops, classes, courses, and parties for youth and adults of all ages, and also offers custom framing with an in-house frame shop.

As an artist, Cynthia’s preference for the ordinary is revealed in her works through their compositions, dramatic highlights, strong contrasts, and rich values. She enjoys transforming the simple into the extraordinary using only a canvas, some brushes, and variations in color and texture. While the artist does love finding new inspiration for future artwork and seeing the end result of a piece, she truly delights most in the actual process of creating itself. Cynthia adores and is grateful for the opportunity that The Blooming Artist has provided for her as an artist; she finds the environment itself, surrounded by the work of other artists, and the creativity and unique perspective of her many students quite inspiring.

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