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To everything there is a season… 


The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, & the blooms have certainly begun: we are, again, witnesses to but another cycle of rebirth and growth. 


This cycle is well-known to us all, yet does it ever get old? The transitions from winter to spring & spring to summer change us, even if our lives otherwise remain unchanged. Tangible senses of wonder, hope, & awe never cease to fill us, nor do they cease to spread through the very air– from excitable voices carried by the wind & happy tunes escaping from open windows to the familiar scents of honeysuckle and Saturday afternoon barbecues. No matter if we’re nine or ninety-nine, not a soul is immune

to the power of this enlivening seasonal transition.   


The Blooming Artist celebrates this wondrous time here with our newest exhibition, In Season: a visualization of this miraculous season and all of its manifold attributes. This show features the works of all local artists. We warmly invite you to experience this collection of seasonal testimonies with us and our community from May 30th to July 29th.



May 30th - July 29th 2023

Opening Community Art Reception

Friday, June 02nd 

As always, all are welcome

Featuring Local Artists:


Amy Bergeron 

Kathleen Bush

Christine Capuano

Patricia M. Collins

Karen J. F. Cooper

Karen Cummings

Kerry Dayton

Janine Gibson

Donald Glennon

Cheryl Gutmaker

Judy Haller D’Angelo

Bruce Hoffmann

Cheryl Horning

Meri Herold

Nancy J. Hunt

Tina Johnston 

David Keenan

Kristine Kelly

Kathy Klompas

Joan Lord 

Gary W. Masline 

Ronn T. Mattia

Susan Musial

Cynthia Romano

Gary Shankman

Diane Swanson

Sharlene Vanderbilt 

Gregory Wing

Marcel Wing

Karen Woodin

Ilona Zabolotna

Gary Zack

For more information about pieces pictured, please contact us.

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