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Concrete Waves

So a new year begins…


No matter how many New Years you’ve celebrated, the truth of The Blooming Artist’s inaugural 2023 exhibition remains. 


With each year we grow older, earning new creaks, deeper smile lines, and some more silver wisps; we weather the new seasons of our lives as each old season passes away; we meet new people– some who are passersby, some who stay, and some who change our lives forever. With each year we change, and with each year our world changes, too. Our ability to face these changes gracefully relies on our perspective. Do we view a barrier that cannot be overcome, or an opportunity to learn? A disappointment, or a newfound appreciation? A setback, or a chance for refinement? The choice, always, is ours. 


And, so, Perspective Matters. Featuring all local artists, this exhibition is a testament to the power of perspective. We invite you to come see through the eyes of another and, maybe, discover a new angle yourself from which to look.

Information for Artists

Perspective Matters
January 24 - March 18, 2023

Opening Community Art Reception: 
*Friday, January 27 | 6-8pm

Artwork Drop-off:
Tuesday, January 17 | 10am-5pm

Artwork Pick-up:
Tuesday, March 21 | 10am-5pm

Artwork Submissions:
Artists are welcome to submit works of all mediums; kindly keep the exhibit title in mind when making your submission selections.
Please email photos and information of all submission works to 

The deadline for artwork submission is Sunday, January 15th.

Please click here to visit our exhibition requirements & information page 

*Our community enjoys meeting and mingling with the 
creators of their purchases-- artists are encouraged to attend!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of
The Blooming Artist's 2023 opening exhibition!

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