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Interpretation brings art to life. It breathes meaning into an otherwise neutral two or three dimensional work. And, amazingly, so many unique interpretations can be had from but a single work. Do we realize how amazing this really is?


The result of our experiences and perspectives, interpretation is a learned skill. Like a muscle, the more we interpret, the more second-nature and spot-on does it become. You see, the art of interpretation is just this– an art. It certainly isn’t impersonal or objective, but neither is it free from the requirements necessary to grow any skill: discipline, practice, training. And, yet, our ultimate ability is dependent on the individual gifts that we were graciously given– should we choose to use them.   


Not only do we learn how to interpret, but we also learn much from interpreting. We learn that context is important, that our opinion is only an opinion, that people are both so similar and so different, and, most importantly, that we truly are all in this together. The Blooming Artist Gallery invites you and yours to come witness our manifest realization of this from August 15th - October 21st, 2023. 



Exhibition Information for Artists

We welcome local artists to submit work(s) for selection; please review our Call For Art
page to learn more about showing with The Blooming Artist Gallery
 and being a part of
our newest exhibition
. Artists are encouraged to keep the exhibit title and promo in mind as
they choose works for their 
application and to be creative in doing so to allow for a
diverse, balanced, & harmonious collection. Ple
ase contact us if you have questions. 

August 15
 - October 21, 2023

Artwork Submission Deadline
Friday, August 04
Please visit our Call For Art page for submission information

*Community Opening Art Reception
ay, September 08 | 6-8pm

Artwork Drop-off 
Wednesday, August 09 | 12

Unsold Artwork or Sold Payment Pick-up
Tuesday, October 24 | 10am-5pm

*Artists are, of course, encouraged to attend; our community loves meeting
and talking with the creators of the artworks they admire and purchase!

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